Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! | London 2023

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Daily Express

Daily Express

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Financial Times

Financial Times

‘Modern, sexy and invigorating!

The score sounds so revitalised it might’ve been written yesterday.’

The Guardian

‘The best revival yet.

This thrilling, Tony Award-winning production has an urgency and zest that beats any other version I’ve seen. The score is rigorously interrogated and sounds utterly fresh.

A stunning reinvention!’


‘Punchy, playful, sexy and revelatory.

This OKLAHOMA! is an absolute knockout, characterised by a moment-to-moment attention to detail that allows for ample playfulness, comedy, and roof-raising showstoppers, too.’

The Telegraph

‘A stunningly reimagined OKLAHOMA!

that fizzes with vibrant comedy. Daniel Fish’s staging celebrates this beloved musical while also finding more sinister truths in the story it tells about America.’

Financial Times

‘This radical revival

lives up to the thirsty hype and bucks almost every cliche about staging a traditional musical. Director Daniel Fish has crafted something genuinely new and special from OKLAHOMA!, or perhaps excavated a truth about it that was there all along, but buried.’

Time Out London

‘A smashing OKLAHOMA! is reborn!

Daniel Fish’s wide-awake and altogether wonderful production is as stimulating - and as fresh - as last night’s fever dream. This is OKLAHOMA! for an era in which longstanding American legacies are being examined with newly skeptical eyes. This isn’t an act of plunder, but of reclamation. Astonishing.’

The New York Times

‘Potent, illuminating and rejuvenating,

without changing a word or compromising the show’s humor, exuberance and melodic beauty. I was struck not only by the production’s menace but by its joy. This OKLAHOMA! is no stuffy academic revisionist exercise — it’s a theatrical blow-out!’


‘This is the OKLAHOMA!
that was there all along.

Without sacrificing the show’s humor or the beauty of its music, Fish and his company have created a charged production about the ambiguities entwined deep in the root system of America.’

New York Magazine

‘This OKLAHOMA! lets us experience Rodgers and Hammerstein’s greatness anew — a textbook illustration of how to revisit a classic while honoring it.’

The New Yorker

‘A powerful and fascinating reimagining.

While it looks and sounds very different from your grandfather’s OKLAHOMA!, the production treats the musical with deep respect, shining a hard light on its underlying issues of justice, violence and the autonomy of women. It's thrilling to see a Broadway classic rise to the challenge of so modern a conception.’

Time Out NY

‘This ambitious revival is a winner!

The wonder of this production is that so much of the joy and optimism of the original work still shines bright through the darkness.’